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    At Agricultural Connections, we participate in and believe in the integrity of our Oregon foodshed. By buying from Oregon farmers, we support producers and provide them with another income source and the satisfaction of having the region know who they are and enjoy what they grow.


    Groundwork Organics

    Located just north of Eugene along the Willamette River, Groundwork Organics grows a wide variety of certified organic specialty fruits, vegetables, and cut flowers.  

    What are they growing?  strawberries, rhubarb, kale, sweet onions, garlic scapes, peas, potatoes, zucchini, thyme, basil, cilantro, parsley, mustard, chard, chives, mint

    Organic Redneck

    Organic Redneck is a small family farm growing fruits and vegetables for our neighbors and greater community. Their emphasis is on bringing people closer to their food and farmers.   Over the years the crop diversity has evolved. Today they sell seasonally inspired crops.

    What are they growing?  tomatoes, carrots, squash, potatoes, peppers, garlic, melons, berries, carrots, greens, and cucumbers

    Camas Country Mill

    Camas Country Mill is the natural extension of the Hunton family's third generation farm, with deep roots in the Willamette Valley land and community for over fifty years. They grow organic, transitional and conventional cereals and legumes on their farm, and mill small batches of artisan flour just down the road at their stone-burr mill.

    They are committed to building a strong, sustainable and vibrant regional grain economy, and are proud to supply home and commercial kitchens with whole grains and artisan mill products from the heart of the valley.

    What are they selling? Stone-milled flours and local grains

    Garry's Meadow Fresh Jersey Milk

    Lady Lane Farm is a small, traditional, sustainable dairy that prides itself on its efforts to be environmentally friendly with the highest regard to the well-being of their livestock. Lady-Lane Farm has been owned and operated by Garry J. Hansen since 1992 and is located in Mulino, Oregon, ten miles south of Oregon City in the scenic Milk Creek Basin. Lady-Lane produces Garry’s Meadow Fresh Jersey Milk.

    What are they selling? Low-temp/flash pasteurized, non-homogenized, grass-fed Jersey cow milk

    Mt. Hood Organic Farms

    Mt. Hood Organic Farms is located in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. John and Brady Jacobson began working the orchards in 1981. Committed to sustainable land use, they undertook an extensive orchard renovation and transition to organic farming that resulted in full organic certification in 1989—the first farm in the valley to achieve this status.

    Mt. Hood Organics Farm is not only Certified Organic, but is also a Demeter certified Biodynamic® farm, which is considered to be the highest paradigm of sustainable farming. They are also certified Salmon Safe growers, an accreditation that demonstrates their commitment to farming practices that preserve salmon inhabited watersheds.

    What are they raising?  Numerous varieties of apples and pears

    Deck Family Farm

    Deck Family Farm recently celebrated their 13th anniversary of farming in the Willamette Valley. In that time, they have raised and cared for thousands of animals and provided a place for colleagues to work and learn the ins and outs of pasture-based farming. In an effort to support our local food community and be a resource to the aspiring generations of regenerative farmers, they make no compromises in practicing and teaching what they believe to be the necessary future of farming.

    What are they raising?  Grass-fed beef, Pastured Pigs, Spring Lamb, Pastured Chickens & Turkeys, and Laying Hens

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