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    When do I order?

    Our order deadline is at 8pm Sunday night for Wednesday and Thursday fulfillment 3-4 days later. Any orders placed after 8pm on Sunday will be available for pick up/delivery a week later.

    How do I cancel or suspend my subscription box? 

    If you need to cancel your subscription box or skip a week, that change needs to be made before 8pm on the Sunday prior. Once you've logged in via our website, look for "Manage Subscriptions" underneath your name on the right side of the screen. A page entitled "Your next order:" should come up; click on the image or name of any items in that order, which will load a page with all the details of your next scheduled subscription charge. Scroll down past order items, date, and your address and payment info to "Skip this order". Make sure you confirm after clicking! You can also reach out to us via email, phone call, or text message.

    If you forget to cancel for the week and you reach us by Monday morning, we can refund you less a $5 late cancellation fee. Any requests to cancel after Monday at 12:00 p.m. cannot be refunded - your produce will be donated in your name to the Bethlehem Inn. You're always welcome to have a friend, neighbor, or family member pick up in your stead.

    How do I receive my order?

    All orders are available for pick up or home delivery on Wednesday or Thursday depending on your chosen location/method, (or pre-arranged group delivery sites on Thursday afternoons).

    Unless you've signed up for the ACC reusable bag program, please bring a bag to your pickup location to pack your veggies into.

    Orders can be picked up at:

    1) Wednesday pickup: ACC Warehouse (20780 NE High Desert Lane #1, Bend, OR 97701) from 1:30pm-6:30pm on Wednesdays.

    2) Thursday pickup: ACC Warehouse (20780 NE High Desert Lane #1, Bend, OR 97701) from 1:30pm-6:30pm on Thursdays.

    We are often able to accommodate pickups outside of these hours on request. Just let us know!

    We also have the option of home delivery. This service comes with an $8 fee for a one-time delivery or $7 for recurring deliveries. Deliveries will arrive at your address between 9am-1pm on Thursdays --  we may be able to give you a more specific estimate based on your neighborhood.  

    Westside pickup (Old Ironworks) is paused for winter. If you're on the west side and want to talk about your options, please reach out! We want to make eating local work for you.

    What happens if I forget to pick up my order?

    Orders not picked up at the Warehouse on Wednesday may be retrieved at the warehouse on Thursday 2:30pm - 6pm). If you miss your pickup on Thursdays, you can pick it up on Friday from 11am - 2pm at the Agricultural Connections Warehouse (20780 NE High Desert Lane #1). There is a $5.00 missed pickup fee for orders not picked up at the originally scheduled location/time. For first time missed pick ups, the fee is waived on an honor system. The fee may be paid with cash or check and will be requested at time of pick upThis fee covers extra time needed to transport food back and forth, employee hours, and to coordinate the late pickup.

    After Friday, all food items will be donated. Due to the perishable nature of the products, Ag Connect cannot offer refunds for orders not retrieved.

    Is there an easier way to say "Agricultural Connections Cooperative"?

    Yes! We also go by "ACC" or "Ag Connect."

     Is the Harvest Box a CSA?

    Ag Connect is not a CSA. Traditional CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) originate directly from farms; produce is grown on the farm and weekly shares (typically for a late spring through mid-fall season) are harvested from a changing, seasonal selection. CSA members buy into the whole season of the farm’s harvest for a flat price, typically ahead of receiving the first weekly share. The pre-payments give the farmers a way to pay themselves for all the seed and winter and early spring work they’ve already invested to get the farm season going. Many of the farmers we work with offer CSAs, including Boundless Farmstead, Rainshadow Organics, Fields Farm, Sungrounded Farm, etc.

    By comparison, ACC is a direct purchaser from more than a dozen local, organic farms, bringing together a diversity of products to one online shopping place. AC does not require pre-payment; you pay only for what you order each week. If you're going to be out of town or just need a break for a week, you are not required to pay for produce you won’t receive. 

    What is the Return Policy?

    We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you receive something you are not completely satisfied with. Email us at with any concerns or requests. There are no refunds on orders that are not picked up.

    Is the quality of the products guaranteed?

    We work tirelessly to ensure that our customers are satisfied with every product they receive. Our appeal to you is to keep in mind the nature of the farm-direct, local food and the unpredictable dealings with nature, pests, seasonality, etc. that our farm partners constantly mitigate to produce the best, most fresh food. For example, bunches of kale in the winter are not the same size as bunches of kale in the summer.

    If you are at all disappointed, please contact us within two days of receiving your order -- end of day Friday or Saturday -- to discuss the situation. We will not hesitate to offer refund when the situation warrants. Due to the perishable nature of most of our products, refunds will not be offered after the weekend.

    Sometimes the contents of the box I receive are different than what was advertised. What’s up with that?

    Our local farm partners harvest and deliver produce box items in less than a day of boxes being packed for customer pick up. Due to unforeseen complications with availability, typically weather-related or lower-than-anticipated supply, we must sometimes make last-minute changes to box contents. 

    Thank you for understanding these nuances of working with small farms! We and the farmers appreciate your patience and understanding! 

    How is the produce handled?

    Produce is harvested and packed on the farms, transported to ACC’s warehouse, and handed out all within 48 hours to guarantee freshness. During the winter months, there are a few items, called "cold-storage items" (e.g. onions, winter squash, beets) that are stored according to specific freshness guidelines through the cold months. Orders are packed on Wednesdays at our Warehouse and then disbursed that afternoon or on Thursday afternoons to our customers. We encourage making a deposit for our Re-Useable, Insulated bags that maintain the highest quality of freshness. All other orders are packed into re-usable plastic crates or waxed cardboard boxes.

    Can produce boxes be customized?

    Produce boxes are pre-selected each week and announced on our What’s Fresh page so you can decide if it’s a good fit for you. Due to the high volume of orders at this time we are not able to remove or swap box content items.  

    We offer a Community Trade Basket at both pickup locations, which allows for a one-to-one produce trade amongst customers.

    Can I purchase bulk produce?

    Yes! Check out our bulk item in the a la carte section or email us directly. You'll use the bulk item as a place-holder for your order and we request that you leave us detailed notes on what you're looking for. We can't add a specific dollar value to any bulk item as pricing and availability are constantly changing but we can give you a ballpark estimate on if/when a product you'd like more of becomes available.

    Some products are always listed when we have them available. For example, we always list full flats (12pints) and half flats (6 pints) of fresh, organic blueberries from our friends at Springbank Farms from the first week of July to about mid-August. We also list a full 3lb box of salad mix in our a la carte section in the spring and summer! The farm rotates from week to week.

    How are goods transported in the summertime?

    We encourage making a deposit for our Re-Useable, Insulated bags to maintain the highest quality of freshness, especially during the warmer season. All frozen items are packed with re-useable ice packs and insulated wrapping if necessary. Please return these items to Ag Connect! We transport orders in coolers when necessary.

    What are your Group/Business Pickup locations all about and can I host a pickup location at my church, school, town or other central location?

    Yes, let's talk more! ACC is interested in partnering with organizations to develop new pickup locations. We have a Group Delivery program that qualifies for FREE DELIVERY with combined orders of $150 or more. Please contact us at to discuss further.

    How far are ACC's partner farms/ranches located from Bend?

    Our primary farm partners are located within approximately 125 miles of Bend, as the crow flies. We offer a small selection of non-local, Certified Organic items to enrich your shopping experience with Ag Connect. We notate the origin of these items so you are empowered with the information needed to decide if it’s a proper choice for you.

    In the winter, we supplement Oregon fruit offerings with organic apples and pears from Washington and organic citrus from California, continuing to source as-close-as-possible while offering slightly more variety than our region can produce during cold winters.

    When are payments due?

    We encourage our customers to order online themselves through our beautiful and convenient online market. However, if you aren’t able to get online and place the order yourself, we are happy to do it for you! Call or email us before 8pm on Sunday to let us know what you’d like! 



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