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    Lady-Lane Farm is a small, traditional, sustainable dairy that prides itself on its efforts to be environmentally friendly, with the highest regard to the well being of their livestock. Lady-Lane Farm is owned and operated by Garry J. Hansen. Lady-Lane Farm is located in Mulino, Oregon, ten miles south of Oregon City, nestled in the scenic valley of the Milk Creek Basin.  

    Their ladies are very important to them.  They select quality females and strive to produce the best milk possible.  The Jersey is the smallest of all the dairy breeds and has less impact on the environment.  Simply put, they eat less and produce less waste.  Just like you and your diet, they want to be sure that the highest quality foods are available to their cows. Their cows nourish themselves on the lush pasture during the growing season.  They go out as soon as the weather permits it and stay out as long as it is still safe and beneficial for the cows.  A producing cow has very high energy needs.  Even in the early spring when the pastures are lush it is important to make sure they get the carbohydrates they need, so a small amount of concentrates are always offered to their high producing cows.  They feed brewers malt from a local brewery and supplement with local alfalfa hay. In the winter they are fed predominately grass silage, which is harvested on the farm.  Lady-Lane Farms does not use hormones or rBST.  

    Garry’s Meadow Fresh Jersey Milk is vat pasteurized, ensuring its original nutrition and flavor. 

    Pasteurization is the heating of milk to remove any harmful bacteria and make it safer to drink.  Garry’s Meadow Fresh Products are vat pasteurized at 145 degrees Fahrenheit and held for 30 minutes.  This is the mildest form of pasteurization so the milk does not have the “cooked” or “burnt” taste that you experience from milk that has been ultra high temperature pasteurized.  

    Cada Dia Cheese makes raw milk and hard cheeses. Their jersey cows eat grass and the milk is unpasteurized.  Seasonal dairy in Prineville, OR.

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